London Jazz Festival 2015

Had a nice weekend of Jazz Festival gigs, the first with John Martin’s Hidden Notes project at the Royal Albert Hall (admittedly the Verdi Restaurant in the Albert Hall, not the main arena…). It was great to see so many people in attendance despite the torrential rain, and the awful events of the night before.

Not a bad place to start my London Jazz Festival...
Not a bad place to start my London Jazz Festival…

This was followed on Sunday by Mosaic’s first LJF gig, at the lovely Omnibus in Clapham. It’s always a great place to play, with a friendly atmosphere, and we enjoyed returning to the setting of our debut gig last year. Thanks to everyone who came down to hear us, and to Sue and Omnibus for being so welcoming.

The focus for Mosaic now is recording an album to be released towards the end of 2016. It’s time for me to go away and think carefully about the music we’re going to play, and what it’s going to sound like. Exciting times ahead.

Mosaic at Omnibus, 2015
Mosaic at Omnibus, 2015


I continue with the Jazz Festival tomorrow (Wednesday) evening with Yazz Ahmed at Ray’s Jazz, then Rick Simpson’s Klammer on Thursday at the Spice of Life.

Meanwhile, I’m involved in a brand new project called Pacha Mama , which is a quartet of Trombone (Vij Prakash), Violin (John Garner), electric bass (Ed Ireland), and vibes. We played our first gig last week at the Guildhall jam session, and we’re following that up with Cambridge Jazz Festival this Friday (20th November). The venue is Hot Numbers, where I played a few weeks ago with Tom Hewson. As well as the music, I’m looking forward to picking up some more of their in-house roasted coffee!