Element debut at Dempsey's and forthcoming London gigs

Element made its first performance at Dempsey’s on 15th January, and was very well received by a large crowd. You can hear some of the gig here.

As well as playing at the Hackney Cut on Thursday 14th February (how better to celebrate Valentine’s day than with live jazz?!), I’m excited to announce that we will be also be playing the late set at the 606 Club on Tuesday 12th February. The main act that night is pianist Gareth Williams, and promises to be amazing, so please do come down, or stick around after Gareth!

We’re also grateful to Gavin Dando for some great pictures of the Cardiff gig.

Exciting announcements - gigs with Element and more...

Firstly, I’m very pleased to be able to announce that Element will be making its debut gigs in the next few weeks. The first is at Dempsey’s in Cardiff on Tuesday 15th January, followed by the London debut on Thursday 14th February at the Hackney Cut, in a double bill with guitarist Graham Garside. Read more about the trio here.

More exciting news for the trio, is that we will be sharing a gig with Geoff Simkins’ band, at Cafe Jazz in Cardiff, on 7th March.

The Sam Eagles Quartet has more gigs lined up: The Long Room Bar and Hotel in Tooting hosts a weekly gig and jam, on Thursday nights; plus we’ll be sharing a double bill with Duncan Eagles’ group Partikel at the Spice of Life, on 21st February.

Finally, I’ll be playing with the Rick Simpson Sextet on 24th January, again at the Spice.

We hope to have Element recordings online soon, so keep an eye/ear out…


Ralph Wyld Trio
Ralph Wyld Trio